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Article I. General provisions

 State Institution "Abay district department of business ", hereinafter referred to as individual "Establishment», created for an indefinite period of activity on the basis of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 27, 1994.
The official name of the institution:

 "Abay audanynyn kasіpkerlіk bolіmі» memlekettіk mekemesі Kazakh language;
State Institution “Abay district department of business” in Russian.

 Organizational and legal form - a state institution.
 Legal address of the institution:

100101, Karaganda region, Abay district, Abay Abay, 26 .

Article 2. Founder

2.1. The founder of the institution is the city administration of Abay district .

Article 3. Objectives and scope of activities of the institution

3.1. The purpose of the institution is the realization of the district main directions of state policy in the field of entrepreneurship and the real economy.
3.2. The objectives of the institution is :
- Research, analysis and forecasting of the situation in the field of entrepreneurship;
- Analysis and implementation of programs of socio-economic development of the region , plans, activities , development of summary information ;
- Development and implementation of development programs of the real economy;
- To assist in the creation of favorable conditions for attracting investments, including foreign support and enterprise development;
- Support and development of small businesses;
- Creating conditions for entrepreneurship, development and implementation of development programs and support entrepreneurship;
- Analysis of the economic situation of the markets for labor, capital and goods, the evaluation of the implementation of programs;
- Participation in the preparation of medium-term plans for socio -economic development of entrepreneurship;
- Coordination of studies on supply and demand in commodity markets , trade conjuncture and state consumer market area , development of recommendations and forecasts of its development ;
- Coordination of trade and catering services at Civil Defense and Emergency Situations ;
- Participation in the development, implementation and promotion of innovation and investment projects ;
- Facilitate the implementation of the Strategy of Industrial and Innovation Development , within its competence ;
-organizing and coordinating the development of investment and innovation policy, the adoption of measures to stimulate investment activity;
- Licensing storage, wholesale and (or) the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, except from storage, wholesale and (or) the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in its manufacture;
- The competence of the agencies included other powers established by law.
Article 4. Property of an institution

Institutions constitute property fixed assets, working capital and other assets whose value is recognized in independent balance Institutions.
        The property belongs to the founder of the Institution (the owner) and to institutions for operational management.
4.3. Source of the property of an institution is:
- The contributions of the owner;
- Other sources not prohibited by law.
4.4. Institution has no right to alienate or otherwise dispose of property assigned to it and the property acquired with the funds allocated to it, unless otherwise provided by statute.
4.5. In case of liquidation of the Institution, its property owner disposes of the property on your own.

Article 5. Legal status of the institution

5.1. Institution is a legal entity with the state registration. Legal status of institutions established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and these Regulations.
5.2. Institution has the right on its own behalf to enter into contracts, acquire property and personal property rights, incur obligations, sue and be sued in court, arbitration court.
5.3. Institution shall possess, use and dispose of their property in accordance with the objectives of its activities and purpose of the property.
5.4. Institution has its own balance, operates on the basis of funding owners.
5.5 Institution is liable for its obligations with all its assets, the state is not liable for the debts of the institution. Institution is not liable for the debts of the state.
5.6. Institution has a round seal with its name, the bank accounts and other necessary details.
5.7. Financing Institutions made ​​in accordance with applicable law.


Article 6. Operating controls

6.1. The head of the institution is the boss.
6.2. Leader makes decisions on all matters of institutions except for the issues the exclusive competence of the owner.
6.3. Head without a power of attorney on behalf of the institution represents its interests in all state, executive, regulatory bodies and territorial subordination, in the courts.
6.4. Head of the Institution has rights and duties:
- Open settlement and other accounts at the bank, has a right of first signature in financial documents;
- Sign orders;
- Enter into agreements with legal entities and individuals;
- Dispose of property agencies within its jurisdiction;
- Hires and fires personnel in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Provides protection standards, safety;
- Approves the internal rules of the Institution;
- Is responsible for compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decrees of the President and the Government.
6.5. The exclusive competence of the founder applies:
- Amendments to the Regulations;
- The elimination of the Institution.

Article 7. Head of Institution

7.1. Head of the Institution shall be appointed and dismissed from office in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
7.2. Head Office in accordance with the law:
- Represents the interests of the Institution in relations with state bodies, organizations and individuals;
- Assists with measures to expand the tax base;
- Within its competence provides enforcement of legislation on entrepreneurship;
- Makes proposals to the draft laws and regulations on the protection, support and development
- Conducts outreach work among the population, entrepreneurs on legislation to support entrepreneurship;
- In accordance with applicable law appoints and dismisses civil servants and employees of the department;
- Take measures to improve the skills of professional level workers Institutions introduction of modern methods of process management enterprise development;
- Considers the established order received letters, complaints, suggestions and personal appeals from citizens;
- Head of the Institution within their competence and on matters within the competence of the head of the institution shall be liable in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Article 8. Accounting, reporting and control.

8.1. Financial Institutions year coincides with the calendar year.
8.2. Institution is operational, accounting and statistical records in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
8.3. Verifying agencies also carried out the relevant financial authorities.
Article 9. Interaction between the institution and the founder

9.1. The founder has the right, performs and is responsible to the institution in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the present situation.
9.2. Founder institutions perform functions within its competence.
9.3. Founder of law:
- To participate in the management of the institution in order to determine the constitutive documents;
- To receive information about the activities of the institution and to examine its documentation;
- Receive in the event of liquidation institutions part of its assets or all assets.
9.4. The founder of the institution shall:
- Comply with the requirements and provisions of the constituent documents;
- To make funding and logistical support to the institution.
Article 10. Responsible institutions and

10.1. For breach of contractual obligations, fiscal discipline and other rules of the financial and economic activity institution responsible property obtained as a result of institutions and devoted to the operational management.
10.2. Founder is responsible for the obligations of institutions with insufficient funds in institutions.


Article 11. Labor collective

11.1. Labor collective institutions are citizens, their work involved in its activities on the basis of legislation or an employment contract.
11.2. Conditions and procedure for admission to the labor collective, as well as exclusion from the labor collective institutions is determined in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan Law "On Public Service".
11.3. System of remuneration, working conditions, working hours and rest, social security regulatory agencies in accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan, or stipulated in the employment contract.
11.4. Rights and Duties of the workforce agencies are defined in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan Law "On Public Service", functional responsibilities, employment contract and the present situation.
Article 12. social security

12.1. Provider shall be liable for damage caused by the employee's health.
12.2. Establishment of own funds provides financial assistance to employees.

Article 13. Privacy institutions

13.1. Confidential information are associated with information production, management, finance, other activities of the institution, the disclosure of (transmission) which may be prejudicial to his

Article 14. Procedure for making changes and amendments to the constituent documents of the institution

14.1. Amendments and additions to the constituent documents of institutions in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the local executive authority.
14.2. Act local executive body is the resolution of akimat .
14.3. Basis for changes and amendments to the constituent documents is :
- Alignment to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan ;
- Change of the founder of the Institution;
- Modification of the legal address of the institution ;
- Reorganization of the institution;
- Other reasons subject to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Article 15. Branches and representative institutions

15.1. Establishment of branches and representative offices are not allowed .

Article 16. termination of Activities

16.1. Institution ceases activity:
- By decision of the Institution;
- by court order or in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan .
16.2. Termination of Activities Institutions occurs through reorganization or liquidation. When reorganization made ​​necessary changes in the constituent documents and the state register of legal entities.
16.3. Institutions Liquidation liquidation committee appointed by the owner or by the court in the event of bankruptcy.
16.4. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the liquidation commission:
- Shall publish the upcoming elimination of the Institution;
- Manages the affairs of the Institution;
-Assesses the availability of the property reveals creditors and settle with them;
- The liquidation balance sheet and is the owner and the registering authority.
16.5. Upon liquidation of the Institution, the following procedures calculations:
- First of all - satisfying demands for payment of withheld wages, and (or) other income maintenance, as well as demands of citizens to which the institution is responsible for damage to life or health;
- Second - calculations on pay and compensation to persons working in institutions, including a labor contract debts on social contributions to the State Social Insurance Fund, the payment of wages withheld from mandatory pension contributions, as well as awards under copyright contracts, except when part of the amounts in accordance with the requirements of legislation governing bankruptcy questions, met in fifth place;
- In third place - the claims of creditors under the obligations;
- Fourthly, - liabilities on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;
- In the fifth stage - settlements with other creditors in accordance with the legislative acts.
Requirements are met each queue after full satisfaction of the previous turn.
16.6. Terms of reorganization and liquidation of institutions defined in Articles 45-50 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Note: For all matters not provided for by these Regulations Establishing the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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